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Welcome to Cu Plumbing and thank you for visiting our website.


We offer professional plumbing and heating services in West London and surrounding areas.

Our aim is to offer fair price with high quality workmanship and customer service, always planning

well to keep disruption to a minimum.


Call now on 07923 189 051 or email us to book a free quotation visit.


Go to www.gassaferegister.co.uk to check our registration 537231.

We advise you to always check registration of the person carrying out any gas work.


Our Prices


• £65 per hour + VAT or maximum charge of £350 + VAT per day, labour only

• Boiler service starting from £90 + VAT + Parts if necessary

• Gas Safety Certificate £80 + VAT (2 appliances and £20 for each extra appliance)

• Combined Gas Safety Certificate and Boiler Serivce £150 + VAT

• Power flush £270 + VAT  (7 radiators) + £20 per extra radiator

• Material to be sourced locally (when possible) and will have a 10% mark up


Workmanship guaranteed for 1 year and parts are manufacturer's guaranteed.


If you have any other queries please don't hesitate to ask.


The "Cu" of our name represents Copper, which is a metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity used in the building industry. We feel being able to use copper as a material inspires quality of workmanship and pride in one's craft.


System conversions

Boiler installations

Central Heating pipework


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